Will PRISMO work with my smartphone 

PRISMO has been tested on today's most popular smartphones. Including the iPhone X! PRISMO works best on smartphones with the front-facing camera offset from the body's perimeter (iPhone), as PRISMO is more secure. On smartphones where the front-facing camera abuts the body's perimeter (some Galaxy models) PRISMO is less secure.
Will PRISMO work with my smartphone case
PRISMO works with most smartphone cases. There exist some obtrusive cases which prevent PRISMO from properly engaging with the front-facing camera.
Do I need an app to use PRISMO
No, PRISMO works with the camera app provided with your smartphone, as well as many third-party camera apps.
Can I use PRISMO on the smartphone rear facing camera also?
Yes, however this is not ideal for a couple of reasons. One, this would not allow the smartphone to lie flat when using hands-free ('balancing' on PRISMO is not recommended). And two, the live image would not be correctly oriented - it would be inverted or appear upside down. The latter could be managed with an app (like COVR photo) or post-processing, but that it is not in the spirit of PRISMO's simplicity. However, feel free to experiment with PRISMO - that is what this is all about!